The Imperial Team

The Imperial Team aspire to be more than just colleagues; we strive to be a cohesive unit of excellency in workmanship and project efficiency. Being a part of the Imperial Team means to abide by our Imperial Code and deliver unmatched results for clients. Whether it be our office staff or ground-team, all members must play their part to uphold our Imperial standard.


Imperial Corps
Apprenticeship Mentor Program

Imperial Corp is proud to develop the skills and confidence of our apprentices.

Coupled with the great direction and teachings of our colleagues at the Master Painters Association Training Centres, we have established our Apprenticeship Mentor Program to ensure great quality workmanship at all levels of hierarchy.

The mentorship of a foreman unto an apprentice has been a pivotal part of Australia’s construction industry for generations. In such, we are very passionate about its operation within our company.

We support and provide professional development educational seminars for our foremen on leadership and mentoring.

On-site guidance

Our foremen are assigned site specific apprentices (where applicable). This allows for a close point-of-call for our apprentices to seek guidance and learn how to work Imperially onsite.

Our graduates’ apprentices are made to be exemplary quality as tradespeople and professionals. In the process, our senior foremen are able to take on a further duty in their role as a leader and be responsible for the next generation of the Imperial Team.


Career Opportunities & Enquiries

Imperial Corp is constantly growing and maturing as a company. As part of that, we are constantly bringing on more tradespeople across our services and growing our office staff. Please enquire below if you are thinking about joining the Imperial Team. Please submit the following form attaching your resume and cover letter as well as a short spiel of why you are looking to work with us.