Imperial Corp provide the full range of industrial painting services including painting steel, applying industrial coatings, protective coatings to major industrial sites and anti-corrosive coatings, to ensure your warehouse or industrial lot is protected from the Brisbane elements for as long as possible.

Our commercial painters are qualified to apply texture coats from major painting brands including Dulux Acratex and are experienced in all aspects of preparation and application of these specialist commercial and industrial coatings.

Commercial buildings have many surfaces that need to be painted and maintained so the Imperial Corp painters are also experienced in corrosion control on steel using the latest epoxy and polyurethane coatings.

Imperial Corp will provide you with the confidence that your industrial painting job will be done to the highest levels of your expectations. When we handle your project, our quality, services, safety and on-time performance are assured.

We are professional painting contractors handling large industrial and commercial painting projects. Experienced painters, we refinish building interiors/exteriors, ceilings, walls, floors, metal siding, and metal roofs. Specializing in high-volume spray-painting and metal surface restoration. Serving locations across the USA.

Imperial Corp is fully qualified to meet your industrial painting and maintenance requirements. We can provide the appropriate industrial coating solution for your ceilings, walls, plant machinery and floors to ensure your warehouse or industrial building is protected from the strong Brisbane elements. We look forward to providing you with a competitive quote which will both improve your building's image and protect your investment.


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